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How Alexis Ren was Able to Achieve incredible Heights

How Alexis Ren was able to achieve incredible heights

The Internet is replete with photos of smart sexy girls. Most of them strive to build a career in the modeling business, but, obviously, not everyone succeeds. Alexis Ren is one of those who not only appeared on social networks with a pretty face but was able to achieve significant success.

The popularity of the model is amazing – more than 13 million followers around the world follow her life. In addition, by the age of 23, the girl has serious experience of cooperation with well-known world brands. What allowed Alexis to get ahead of the general mass of “stamped” beauty?

How it all began

In the biography of the model, there are no shocking stories and piquant details, but, nevertheless, she is of interest. Alexis Ren was born in the United States of America (Santa Monica, California) to a large family. Her mother Cynthia, a certified nutritionist, had a particular influence on the girl’s life. 
Firstly, the girl never went to school – her mother chose homeschooling for her, and this, among other things, due to the lack of communication with peers in real life, shaped Alexis’ love of social networks. Secondly, Cynthia made every effort to instill in her family members the habit of eating the right healthy food. So, the young model to this day prefers fresh vegetables and fruits, avoids sweet high-calorie desserts, meat, and alcohol.

Alexis was first spotted when she was 13 years old. The girl did not refuse the opportunity given to her by the model scout, and very soon started working on small projects of the Brandy Melville brand. 
Later, the agency became interested in the sophisticated beauty of the novice model and offered her commercial shooting in Seventeen magazine. But to truly fall in love with the whole world, Alexis began after publishing gentle, sincere photos that were born in collaboration with Lucas Passmore, a well-known photographer in the fashion industry.

In The Rays of Glory

Ren’s successful start to her career has grown into an equally remarkable sequel. An open, radiant smile, spontaneity, an alluring combination of touching and sexuality did not leave indifferent neither representatives of the modeling world, nor ordinary people. Numerous proposals for cooperation began to arrive, the model’s pictures began to adorn the covers of glossy publications, the number of fans continued to grow steadily. 
The slender, graceful figure of Alexis, in the formation of which many years of ballet practice played an important role, looked especially advantageous on the set for advertising campaigns for lingerie and swimwear. Actually, and now this is the main direction of her work. The girl’s portfolio includes work with such “monsters” of the fashion world as Puma and Calvin Klein.

I must say, there were some sad moments. In 2014, her beloved mother, Alexis, died of cancer. Grief from loss and overwhelming popularity led to depression and the emergence of psychological problems, in particular, eating disorders. However, the girl managed to gather strength and cope with this problem.

Discipline and commitment to her ambitious goals allowed Ren to create a body with ideal parameters and appearance. With a height of 174 cm, the model has a weight of 52 kg, a fragile waist of 58 cm, a tight, but not pumped silhouette. Not without surgical interventions. Despite the fact that even before the plastic surgery, Alexis was very attractive, at one time she made a decision about breast augmentation.

What now

In addition to working in the fashion industry, Ren also periodically receives offers of a different nature, for example, to take part in the filming of a video or a movie. The girl is happy to try something new, and in general, I must say, has a very cheerful character. Loves animals, draws, dances, plays the guitar. In addition to ideal staged photos, the girl uploads live pictures on social networks, where she smiles broadly and can fool around. Probably, this openness and lack of obsession became one of the reasons for the phenomenal love of her fans.

Despite the dizzying success, Alexis does not relax. She carefully monitors her physical shape, adheres to a diet and a healthy lifestyle instilled by her mother, works out in the gym, practices Bikram yoga, and shares videos with her followers on Instagram and other social networks, where she demonstrates various complexes of effective exercises. And of course, the model does not forget to pamper her subscribers with hot photos in beautiful lingerie or without it.

At the same time, Alexis’s physical frankness does not look vulgar, perhaps this is the second feature that favorably distinguishes her against the general background of Phyto-babies. The girl does not see anything wrong with taking pictures of the nude, but she always specifies that the “naked” pictures should be taken with taste.