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Mike O’Hearn’s is a multi-Generational Bodybuilding icon Workout Routine & Diet (Updated 2021)

Mike O’Hearn’s is a multi-Generational Bodybuilding icon Workout Routine & Diet (Updated 2021)
Mike O’Hearn’s is a multi-Generational Bodybuilding icon Workout Routine & Diet (Updated 2021)

Mike O Hearn is literally a legendary figure in the fitness world. He has appeared on the covers of more than 500 magazines, won the fitness model for 7 years, and participated in various strength tournaments. He is also an author of books, popularizers of training methods and concepts, a trainer and even a nutritionist. Despite the criticism Mike is occasionally exposed to, he has an undeniable form, accomplishment and name in the fitness industry.

Height and weight

Mike has incredibly good genetics that he inherited from his father. This can be seen even in the youthful photo of the athlete, in which he looks rather dry and with impressive muscle volumes. The best competitive parameters of an athlete:
Height – 191 cm;
Competitive weight – 113 kg;
Off-season weight – 125 kg.

He retains his form even now, stepping into the category of athletes 50+

Power indicators

Michael is known not only in instagram, fitness and media. He also has very serious strength indicators, which allowed him to win titles in powerlifting. An interesting fact – a considerable strength athlete managed to maintain even at the age of 51, refuting the destructive effect of age on strength, endurance and physical fitness.

Maximum power indicators:
Bench press – 272.5 kg;
Squat with a barbell – 390 kg;
Deadlift – 350 kg;
Pull-ups – Perform 35 clean pull-ups in 30 seconds.

O Hern’s workout

Mike has published a huge amount of material on his training and principles. Basically, he adheres to the classic approach, which he has practiced since his youth.

Basic training principles for Oh Hern:

The base is the basis of everything, the classics have always worked and will work;
No violence against yourself. As a result, the winner will be the one who trains longer in time. Even the most gifted athletes can fizzle out very quickly, making way for those who are diligent even without perfect genetics;

Each exercise should be controlled. Neuromuscular communication and concentration on movement allow you to get better results even for professional athletes, working with fewer weights;

Using the greatest possible amplitude. Of course, short and shortened amplitudes of movement can give a feeling of pumping and satisfaction from working with large weights, but in the long term it is the full amplitude that will allow you to build ideal forms;

Recovery is the cornerstone of any physical development, according to Mike. Fanaticism and madness can serve as “fuel” for progress, but they will not get you far. This is one of the major revelations that Oh Herne rethought with age;
Age and other factors cannot be used as an excuse. Only stable progression and systematics can achieve results;
Protecting and preventing injury is one of the main goals that any athlete should set for himself.






Michael O’Hearn’s Nutrition

From what the athlete himself says, his daily diet consists of 6 meals a day. On training days, he eats more densely a few hours before training. He uses a standard set of sports nutrition: protein, creatine, a multivitamin complex, as well as additional vitamins C and E. There is no reliable information about chemistry, the athlete does not apply to this topic.

An example of his diet, which we managed to find, looks like this:

Meal: 350 grams of salmon and a cup of rice;
Meal: 350 grams of chicken breast and a cup of oatmeal;
Meal: 240 grams of steak, a cup of rice, and a little broccoli;
Meals: chicken salad with 240 grams of chicken with the addition of lemon;
Meal: 240 grams of steak plus some asparagus;
Food intake: 450 grams of salmon.