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Successful Fitness model Valentina Lequeux

Successful fitness model Valentina Lequeux
Successful fitness model Valentina Lequeux

Back in 2016, Valentina Lequeux got carried away with social networks and began posting abundantly videos and photos, from which she quickly gained popularity. Today she is a popular trainer and a successful fitness model. Hurry up to get to know the beauty better.

Personal info:

  • Born in 1989.
  • Homeland – Argentine capital Buenos Aires.
  • Lives in Miami – this is Florida (America).
  • With a height of 177 cm, the weight ranges from 65 to 70 kg.

Facts from life

Fitness model Valentina Lequeux has built a career as a successful personal trainer and has become one of the most recognizable girls on the social networkinstagram.

The husband, Luis Enrique, also works as a coach. The favorite foods of the celebrity, despite the calorie content, are bacon and Nutella. Valentina Leke’s Instagram has 1.5 million subscribers. She recently started her own project by launching a website. Here you can find the services provided by the training model.