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The 5 Worst Bodybuilding Injuries Ever

The 5 Worst Bodybuilding Injuries Ever

Bodybuilding is associated with the names of champions and their fantastic achievements. It is customary to keep silent about injuries – but in vain. We will tell you about the most unpleasant and even tragic incidents in the history of bodybuilding: perhaps this will save novice and experienced bodybuilders from dangerous experiments.

1. Calum Von Moger – Bicep Tear

Popular bodybuilder Calum von Moger, who will play the young Schwarzenegger, suffered a bicep tear in a recent workout while lifting a bicep bar with a weight of 181.4 kg (400 lbs). along with Classic Physique Olympia Chris Bumstead.

Moger posted a video of this trick on his Instagram, accompanied by a comment: “DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS TO REPEAT!”, And also expressed suspicions of injury.

2. Ronnie Coleman- Multiple Back Injuries

In 2007, the athlete completed his competitive career, and only occasionally appeared at guest competitions, demonstrating a fairly good shape, but sports injuries still took their toll

3. Scott Mendelson – Pec Tear

Scott Mendelssohn is a three-time US champion and four-time world powerlifting champion.

He holds world records in bench press both without equipment (318 kg) and with equipment (468 kg). The photo shows the result of an injury to the pectoral muscle, which he received while trying to break the record and squeeze a barbell weighing 325 kg without equipment.

4. Calum Von Moger- Knee and Bicep Tear

Popular bodybuilder and social media star Calum von Moger suffered serious injuries after falling off a cliff this week.

Calum and his brothers were recording a video blog, and at some point, the bodybuilder fell off a cliff. Fortunately, he was secured with a safety rope, but nevertheless, Moger again suffered a biceps tear (the second time in the last 6 months), a dislocated knee, and a ruptured quadriceps tendon – he wrote about this on his Instagram. Calum is now returning to Los Angeles for surgery

5. J.P. Fux- Multiple Quad and Knee Tear