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The Benefits and Technique of Reverse Push-ups

The benefits and technique of reverse push-ups
The benefits and technique of reverse push-ups

Greetings to all sports lovers, and directly push-ups. If you want to strengthen your body but don’t have the equipment you need, then push-ups are great. But we have already talked about the benefits of this wonderful exercise, and therefore, I propose to proceed immediately to the topic of fasting, and the topic is reverse push-ups. If anyone did not know, then the opposite is push-ups from the bench for triceps.

These are not exactly push-ups from the floor, but, nevertheless, at the initial stage, you cannot do without the floor. Why do we need this exercise at all? As you already understood, this is a targeted exercise for the development of the triceps.

By the way, for the development of triceps, push-ups with a narrow grip (with a narrow stance) are also excellent. Neither exercise exclusively uses one muscle group – the triceps. They use some more groups, and the reverse push-ups involve, in addition to the triceps, the upper chest, and the front of the deltoid muscles. Once you know which muscles are being used during this exercise, you can move on to the technique.

To perform reverse push-ups, we need a bench, chair, or any other support. We need to stand with our backs to the support, and put our hands on it so that the fingers hang down, or grab the support from below. Next, we need to move our body outside the support, and we can begin the exercise.

The difficulty of the exercise can be adjusted. The further your pelvis is from the support, the easier the exercise, the closer, the harder it is. If the legs are straight, the exercise will be more difficult. But these are not all the ways to help complicate back push-ups. I also want to say about the extra weight., which is not a sin to use here, if necessary. If the extra weight is not attached, then it can be placed on the hips, but at the same time, the knees must be bent so that this weight does not fall. 
You can also use a weight vest. You can also use additional support on which you put your feet. Try it and see how much the load increases. After you have taken the starting position, you need to lower yourself so that the humerus bones are parallel to the floor. At the same time, control the pelvis and the load due to its location.

Well, I think that everything is clear here, but if you have questions, then ask in the comments. Regarding the program … You can use the simplest program – 5 sets to the maximum if you work with your own weight. If you are working with extra weight, then use the weight for 8 reps. Recently, I stopped using programs in training and decided to obey my body, but at the same time, I do all the approaches to failure.