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Bodybuilding attracts people of all ages, genders and sizes. The experience of champions proves that victories require not so much standard forms as will, discipline and a desire to overcome the bar of their own capabilities.

Mark smith

Mark Smith is the standard of a real man. A veteran of the British army, a wonderful family man and just a handsome man with a difficult fate. In 2011, during a training exercise, Mark was seriously injured, resulting in the amputation of his leg. I had to part with the army, but Smith was able to recover and find himself in bodybuilding. The prosthesis did not become a problem: the former military man trained on a par with other athletes.

Having gotten in shape in just five months, Mark took part in bodybuilding competitions and received his first award. Training has become for him a real stimulus to life, and impressive results make him move to new victories.

Andrey Kostash

Wonder boy from Ukraine became famous at the age of seven. His achievement is 4000 consecutive push-ups from the floor in 2 hours 29 minutes. The record was officially registered, but the young athlete himself insisted that this was not the limit: he had to do push-ups 6,000 times.

Andrey began training at the age of 5 and was gaining fitness very quickly. Today he is engaged in martial arts and gymnastics, and in the future he dreams of becoming an actor.

Jane Croc

Matt Crocsaleski (that was Jane’s name as a child) served in the US Army, was part of the personal security of President Bill Clinton. It was during this time that Matt began to engage in bodybuilding and achieved impressive results. The athlete was married twice and has three children.

In 2015, a famous bodybuilder stunned the public with a statement that he had long felt like a woman and was not shy about it. He soon became Jane Kroc – the most famous transgender bodybuilder.

Helmut Strebl

Helmut, born in 1969, has amazing proportions for a bodybuilder: with a height of 191 cm, his weight does not exceed 97 kg, and during the competition it decreases to 89. The percentage of subcutaneous fat of an athlete is not more than 4%. It is not surprising that he received the nickname “Man-Relief”: his body does not resemble the torso of a living man, but an anatomical guide.

A special training program helps the athlete to achieve a clear drawing of the muscles. Helmut owes her excellent health and perfect shape. Despite his age, the “Man-Relief” constantly participates in competitions and often becomes the winner.

Mohammed “10 cubes” Ali

The bodybuilder received the original nickname for the unusual number of cubes on the press: there are exactly 10 of them. In most people, the rectus abdominis muscles consist of several segments: there can be 6 or 8. There are also asymmetries when there are 3 cubes on one side of the press and 4 cubes on the other …

Mohammed has a rare genetic abnormality. Its press is lined with 10 perfectly symmetrical segments, 5 on each side. The sight is unusual and very photogenic, especially when combined with an ideal athletic form and a minimum amount of subcutaneous fat.

Barbie thomas

As a result of an accident at the age of two, Barbie lost both arms. The girl did not give up: accepting herself for who she is, Miss Thomas learned to use her legs instead of hands. She not only fully attended to herself, but also went in for sports.

The first hobby was swimming, which brought several confident victories. Later, Barbie decided to try herself in bodybuilding: her fighting nature demanded constant achievement of new heights.

The people around were skeptical about the girl’s decision, even her coach did not particularly believe in success. Thomas took it as a challenge and stepped up the training. She became the bodybuilding champion a few years later.

She successfully combines her sports career with her personal life: Barbie is raising two children and hopes that they will inherit the fighting qualities of her mother.