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Ulysses Williams – a brutal macho and his secret training tips

Ulysses Williams – a brutal macho and his secret training tips
Ulysses Williams – a brutal macho and his secret training tips

Bodybuilder Ulysses Williams is a living guide to the study of anatomy. Muscular definition of Ulysses surprises with detailed drawing, the figure – symmetry and proportion. This is another reason for inviting a photogenic athlete to shoot in popular publications. His photos are adorned with the magazines Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, fashion gloss and advertising brochures. Ulysses Junior’s portfolio includes 2 championship victories at “SuperBody Pro”. By the age of 39, he conquered not a single sports milestone and earned the honor and respect of the fans.


Competitive weight – 85 kg (+ 8 kilos in the off-season). 
height – 178 cm. 
waist circumference – 80 cm. 
torso – 120. 
biceps – 50 cm.

Fragments of biography

Ulisses Williams Jr. (Ulisses Williams jr) was born in 1979 in New York, USA. In childhood, he was no different from his peers. At the age of 19, he became interested in bodybuilding, but at first he did not even think about connecting life with power sports. The picture of the world gradually changed along with the transformation of the body. The guy always found motivation for himself to continue to train desperately, gain mass and hone muscles.

White and gray stripes of Ulysses’ life

The sports history began after the victorious debut in 2000 at the Platinum Classic NYC .
Slightly Ulysses Junior won the MET Championships NYC .
The peak of his career was in 2001-2005. The athlete is proud of the “gold” at the Superbody Championships Miami in 2003, after which he received the long-awaited PRO card . Ulysses also remembered the World Las Vegas Championship in 2005, where he won the bronze. Immediately after the performance, I went on a 5-year vacation to rest and solve problems in my personal life.

The bodybuilder got married , moved to London.

In one of the halls he met Simeon Panda , with whom he still has close friendship.

In 2010, the guys started training together. Having recovered, Ulysses Williams decided to “shake off the old days” and applied for a performance at the Vegas championship, where he won .
YearCompetitionsA place2000 Platinum Classic NYC one
2001 MET Championships NYC one
2002 Fitness Atlantic Championships one
2002 Musclemania atlantic 1 welterweight
2003 Fitness Atlantic Championships one
2003 Musclemania atlantic 1 middleweight
2003 Superbody Championships Miami one
2004 Superbody Championships Miami one
2005 World Championships Las Vegas 3
2010 World Championships Las Vegas one
2011 World Championships Las Vegas 2

Ulysses’ killer strategy

Famous bodybuilders have dramatically different personal programs. Sergio Oliva admits only full-body workouts and exercises for 2 hours, Dorian Yates bets on muscle failure, Ronnie Coleman insists on multiple reps. Jay Cutler stands for the duration but does not exhaust himself with heavyweights. Everyone chooses the option that gives the best result. It depends on the structure of the fibers: l, lla, llb having different rates of contractions. Ulysses Junior’s training has its own “signature”.

“Over the years, I realized that the best option for me is 12-15 repetitions. Sometimes in strength training I do 4-6 takes to shock the muscles and spur them to hypertrophy. This technique works for me 100%. “

Williams includes a little exercise in the program, but “kills” the muscles with heavy weights, slow repetitions and pauses at the peak points.

The working week starts with pumping the back and calves.

“4 technicians with maximum weights 1 time a week perfectly pump the lats”.

Different types of rods on the blocks.
Calf Raises.

Hips and legs are trained the next day with supersets:
Extension of the legs in the simulator.
Power leg presses.
Hack squats.
Romanian cravings.

On Wednesday, Ulysses takes a well-deserved day off.

On Thursday, he loads the deltoids and arms with renewed vigor . In terms of:
Different types of dumbbell presses.
Swing dumbbells to the sides.
Front rods.
Biceps pump triset with dumbbells.
” Hammer”.

Works on Friday with an emphasis on the chest . Performs:
Vertical press lying on a straight bench and with an elevated back.
Breeding dumbbells lying.
Push-ups from the floor and on the uneven bars.
Crossover exercises.
Tricep Rope Pressdowns (pull-down in a rope trainer).
Calf Raises.

On Saturday he pulls up the lagging groups, on Sunday he takes time off. In the videos, the athlete tells when and why it is necessary to work with small and large weights, how to prevent lag in the development of the posterior bundle of deltas. For beginners and advanced, lays out a lot of secret chips.